Gashani Brothers from Drenas, founded Al Trade Company in 1999. Currently Al Trade is a leader in the construction industry and trading with construction materials, known for its professional and qualitative services.

Initially Al Trade started its business activities mainly focused in construction material supplies. After a great success in doing business with construction material supplies and also thanks to a successful cooperation with partners such as the European Reconstruction Agency, other non-governmental and humanitarian organizations, local and international institutions, Gashani brothers’ vision was to continue expanding their business activities.

About Al Trade Center

Hence, in 2012 the other company Al Trade Center is co-founded, this time the focus shifted in the retail industry with the shopping mall named Al Trade Center. The founding date officially is recognized 21st of February, 2012 with its offices in Drenas, where to this day the headquarters of the main company Al Trade are located. Later on the business is expanded in other areas such as construction and real estate, with successful projects such as Residential Building Linda 1 and Linda 3.

Meanwhile, a special attention is put in the founding of Pre-school Institution Linda and other business activities. In general, Al Trade Center is continuously increasing its activities in Kosovo, currently we operate in Fushe Kosove and Drenas. However, considering the demand and the potential the company has, there are plans to continue the expansion of our services and presence in other locations too.


At Al Trade Center our mission is to be a distinguished company for the services we provide. In order to achieve this we have established an environment that supports and inspires our staff, so they can provide services of an exceptional quality for all of our clients in every branch.


Whereas, our vision is to always keep expanding and developing while aiming European standards. At Al Trade Center, we want to create a better future for many people, and we support this by creating new opportunities and always tending to be a very important part of the competition not only in Kosovo but also in the region.