New ATC Market Store Location, Drenas

A new opportunity for the citizens of Drenas!Today we have officially launched the newest ATC Market store location, at Str. Fehmi and Xhevë Lladrovci, in Drenas. ATC Market, in this day of celebration opened the new store. At the opening ceremony of this store, a large number of citizens of Drenas and nearby towns attended. […]

Together for a Clean Kosovo

Today, under the motto “Together for a Clean Kosovo”, our company has organized activities during which we helped clean and remove garbage from our streets and public areas in three different cities in Kosovo, cities where we currently operate with our services such as Prishtina, Fushe Kosova and Drenas. During the activity we had Al […]

Kosovo’s Chamber of Commerce Visit at Al Trade Center

Today, we had a visit from the president of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC), Mr. Berat Rukiqi and his coworkers, who were hosted by the company’s general director and management staff. KCC’s president Mr. Rukiqi visited Al Trade Center in support of the private construction sector in Kosovo. The owner and general director Mr. […]

Cooperation with the Kosovo’s Blood Transfusion Center

We’re happy to announce that as a result of a successful cooperation of Al Trade Center and Bau Market with the National Blood Transfusion Center of Kosovo, today we have been awarded a certificate of gratitude. Al Trade Center and Bau Market are very thankful to the Blood Transfusion Center of Kosovo, the employees of […]