Kosovo’s Chamber of Commerce Visit at Al Trade Center

Today, we had a visit from the president of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce (KCC), Mr. Berat Rukiqi and his coworkers, who were hosted by the company’s general director and management staff.

KCC’s president Mr. Rukiqi visited Al Trade Center in support of the private construction sector in Kosovo. The owner and general director Mr. Sokol Gashani informed Rukiqi in regards to Al Trade Center’s work, activities, achievements and the challenges the company is facing.

Mr. Rukiqi emphasized the importance the private construction sector has in the continuous increase of employment in our country. During the visit, the owner of Al Trade Center Mr. Gashani thanked the president for the visit and greatly appreciated the work of KCC for the support of businesses in general. Additionally, Mr. Rukiqi added that the KCC will continue their support for this sector and in promoting values in order to overcome challenges and problems the construction companies are dealing with.

The visit also continued at the Linda Premium Residence business complex, which is managed by “Al Trade Center”.
Al Trade Center, besides the construction sector, also has other sectors operating in different cities of Kosovo.

Together, we’re happier!
Al Trade Center
23 August, 2018