New ATC Market Store Location, Drenas

A new opportunity for the citizens of Drenas!
Today we have officially launched the newest ATC Market store location, at Str. Fehmi and Xhevë Lladrovci, in Drenas.

ATC Market, in this day of celebration opened the new store. At the opening ceremony of this store, a large number of citizens of Drenas and nearby towns attended. Now, this city and the region of Drenica will have at its disposal a new storethat includes a wide range of products from the most diverse sectors, which certainly meet any of their requirements.

In order to create stronger ties, shared values and support the community, we are committed every day to be closer, so that together we can march towards success. Undoubtedly, today we are happy to open this ATC Market store, and we believe that we will continue to have a genuine cooperation with all of our customers.

Together, we’re happier!
Al Trade Center
28 November, 2018